Prepaid funeral or Advance Funeral Planning

Many people worry and wonder should they make contact with a funeral director before an expected death occurs, Yes you can.  When you contact us here at Brennan Funeral Directors we can offer some advice as to what the funeral process will involve. Information at this point can and has put families at ease and the relatives can then spend precious time with the ill or injured person.

Making long term plans or prepaid plans are also becoming very popular now, telephone us at our office and we can arrange to sit with you in our home or yours and discuss what you want for your final journey or perhaps you would like us to send you some information via email or post to ponder over before any face to face discussions take place. Maybe you have special wishes you want carried out, Perhaps you would like to arrange a traditional funeral, maybe something slightly different or like some, would like the idea of Direct Cremation. Our customers that have taken this route and planned for themselves have had great peace of mind in doing so.

We can discuss the cost of an advanced funeral plan and the fees due can be paid in advance But unfortunately we have no control on costs or on the costs of  disbursements, some of these are cemetery plots, gravediggers, crematorium fees, newspapers, radio stations, clergy etc. These may well increase and relatives may have to pay a little extra at the time of the funeral.