Advice on Planning a Funeral

When the time comes for you to make funeral arrangements for a loved one, few can be prepared for the emotional stress and anxiety that falls upon a person. We here at Brennan Funeral Directors will give you our undivided attention. We will be at your side to advise and guide you in all the requirements that you have for the deceased. We will ensure that all the arrangements are carried out in a dignified, respectful and compassionate manner.

Here at Brennan Funeral directors we are aware that this may be the first time for some to be involved in the planning of a funeral, so with this in mind we will meet you in one of our funeral homes or at your home. We will take time with you to talk through all the different aspects of the funeral process.

All the usual topics will be covered i.e. funeral service, cremation or burial, is Direct Cremation an option? when and where will the funeral take place, reposing where, cemetery, crematorium, grave-new or existing plot, flowers, singers, radios, papers and after a discussion on these we will offer a cost of the funeral plan discussed.

Death care and preparation of remains

We here at Brennan Funeral Directors believe that the preparation of the deceased is a very important role in the overall funeral process. We have qualified embalmers available to hygienically treat your loved ones to allow a grieving family spend precious time to come to terms with a loss. And this in turns allows more time between death and burial which facilitates family members wanting to travel home for the funeral.

This treatment enables us to prepare the deceased and present them to you, the relatives, in a peaceful and almost life like appearance. And rest assured, we will look after and treat every body, like we would want our own family cared for.

Advice on coffin selection.

We are available to advise families on the choice of coffins and while everyone wants the very best for their loved ones, there are times when there may be budgetary restraints. So in these circumstances we are very understanding and can balance wishes with practicalities. We have quality coffins to suit all budgets and many coffins to choose from. Please understand that we understand.

Please find our selection of Coffins here>>

Burial or cremation

If burial is the decision of the family then we must discuss which cemetery the funeral will proceed to. The funeral director will be able to arrange for the purchase of a new plot if required and the opening of the grave.

Cremation is fast becoming a choice of many that would prefer not be buried (approx.20% in Ireland in 2017).  Presently there are a number of choices for crematoria:

  • Glasnevin, Finglas Rd, Dublin
  • Newlands Cross, Ballymount, Dublin.
  • Mount Jerome, Harolds Cross, Dublin.
  • Island Crematorium, Cork.
  • Dardistown, Dublin.
  • Shannon Crematorium, Co. Clare.
  • Lakelands Crematorium, Cavan.
  • McCrea Crematorium, Wicklow Town.

Before a cremation can take place there are a number of forms to be filled and signed.  We here at John Brennan Funeral Directors are familiar with this process and will deal with all these matters to eliminate stress from the bereaved.

A service can take place at the crematorium chapel, if requested and this can be in line with family wishes. There are strict protocols in place in Irish crematoria to ensure that proper identification is upheld through the entire cremation process.

The ashes are usually available to the funeral director 4 or 5 days after the cremation. We can then arrange to have ashes deliver to your home or collected at the funeral home. Families may want to have ashes buried in a family plot, scattering at a special location or keeping the urn at home.

Advice on Flowers selection.

When it comes to picking or selecting flowers, it is very much a personal choice.

  • What shape, size design would you like?
  • What colours do you like?
  • What flowers do you like?
  • Did the deceased have any preference or favourite flowers or colours?
  • How much would you like to spend on sprays or wreaths?

We will be available to help you arrange your special gift to the deceased.

Linked to our website is our colleague Katherine Walsh in “Guns and Roses” flower shop in Tubbercurry. Sprays, wreaths or arrangements can be ordered on this website or directly from Katherine.

Music for funerals

When selecting music for a funeral service the usual choice is for a soloist and organist to perform a selection of fitting hymns. For a catholic mass there would be hymns with a religious theme used. List of hymns attached. Please ask the funeral director for advice and a list of phone numbers for recommended performers.

For Presbyterian, Church Of Ireland and Methodist services, often times it is recorded music and in some of our local churches and organist and soloist can perform.

On occasion we have had a bagpipe player.

For civil or non-religious services the use of cd’s or iPads.