Arranging a Funeral

Arrange a funeral in Sligo.

A question often asked by customers, ‘Can you arrange a funeral in Sligo?’, or ‘Can you arrange a funeral in Tubbercurry?’. For us the answer is always ‘Yes we can’. Here in Brennan Funeral Directors we strive to please the families that have entrusted the care of their loved ones with us.

We will arrange any type of funeral service required, traditional funeral service, Civil, Humanist or non-denominational with either burial or cremation. We provide for and arrange Direct Cremation Sligo, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon, Donegal and indeed where ever our customers live. We look after all the necessary paperwork and all aspects of the service.

Traditional funeral services

Our role as a family run and owned funeral business is to apply our years of experience to help our customers through a very difficult time in their life. This would include our advice and direction on a suitable funeral for your loved ones.

With a traditional funeral service it has to be decided on what church the funeral will take place in. What cemetery will the burial be in?  Is there an existing plot there?  Purchase a new plot? Or is it a cremation?

Will it be a morning funeral where the deceased will arrive into the church immediately before mass or service.

Would you prefer to have the more traditional funeral with an evening reception into church with a short prayer service with the funeral mass or service the following morning followed by burial or cremation.

Civil, Humanist or Non-denominational service

A civil funeral ceremony may be the choice of someone who would have no preference to religion or beliefs. It would be a service built around their life, to tell the personal life story of the deceased.  There are many possibilities for inclusion in the ceremony. Favourite music, hymns or songs, poetry or readings, prayers or reflections, these choices let the family plan and decide the content of the service. The service is usually guided by a Civil Celebrant and he/she assist with the planning of the content. A civil service can be conducted in a funeral home, family home or in a crematorium. We can advise and help with the venue.

A humanist or non-denominational funeral service is slightly different from a civil service. As with a civil funeral, a humanist funeral service can be held in a funeral home, parish hall, private dwelling, crematorium or the graveside. Generally at a humanist funeral there would be no religious readings, hymns or prayers recited.   The service would be planned and conducted by a Humanist celebrant.

Liaising with Hospital, Hospice or Nursing Home

After our first meeting with the family members arranging a funeral we can, with your permission, make contact with the place of death. We will make arrangements with the manager on duty and when we get clearance we then agree a time for our staff to collect the deceased to be taken into our care at one of funeral homes.

If the wishes are for cremation, we will organise the necessary paperwork to be filled by the medical team in the place of death.


We have years of experience in the repatriation process and we aim to remove the stress of the situation off the shoulders of the grieving family and at the same time keep the relatives informed of all stages of the process.

Here in Brennan funeral directors we can deal with the repatriation to Ireland or from Ireland to the birth country of our new residents. We will prepare, if allowed, the deceased to ensure a proper and dignified remains for an open coffin viewing on their return home.