Direct Cremation

What is Direct Cremation?

Direct Cremation, is literally what the name says. It means that the deceased is removed from the place of death and taken to the crematorium.

After the cremation, the ashes are returned to the family and they can in time decide what they would like to do with the cremains. There are many options available to the family, maybe when the entire family meet again, they could have a service or mass. Maybe the ashes will be buried privately in a family plot or scattered in the deceased favourite place.

Direct Cremation is a very affordable option for some families that have no desire to have the traditional wakes, services or the expense of these. It will suit those that have no great attachment to religion or religious services of any denomination. And it may also suit if a grieving family may want to avoid the emotional trauma of having a full funeral service but can still have a service at a later date.

When Direct Cremation is chosen we use a simple wooden coffin, we will help with the crematorium application forms and pay whatever fees to the doctor or coroner. The deceased will at all times be treated with the same quality of care as they would for a traditional funeral.

It must be pointed out that, with Direct Cremation, there will be no embalming, viewing of the deceased, funeral mass or service and the funeral director will transport the deceased to the crematorium at a time which will probably be out of hours.

Typically with Direct Cremation, the cremation can be carried out faster than a traditional funeral. When we quote for a Direct Cremation, the price would be for the removal from a hospital or hospice. A wooden coffin will be used and the price would include the coroner or doctor’s fees and the cremation fees. The cremains will be returned in a timber urn.

At Brennan Funeral Directors we strive to provide an affordable but caring cremation for any family in Ireland.  With Direct Cremation we will always maintain our compassion for the grieving family, our quality care for the deceased but we will eliminate the huge burden of costs associated with the traditional funeral imposed by some funeral homes.

Here in Brennan Funeral Directors we aim to provide a first class service at all times and our Direct Cremation costs €2300. This price will cover funeral directors fees, timber coffin, transport from hospital/hospice mortuary, transport to crematorium, cremations fees, doctor/coroner fees, and timber urn. (Circumstances where additional costs may occur is if the deceased has passed away in a private residence/nursing home or when a larger coffin is required, a standard coffin is 6’3” x 24”. In both instances there is a charge of €350.00).

Feel free to email us Or telephone me on 0872644509 to discuss your needs / wishes and your call or email will be dealt with and treated confidentially and with the upmost privacy.


Direct Cremation is cheaper than a traditional funeral service. Direct Cremation avoids many of the costs involved such as embalming, preparation of the deceased, church services, church fees and no need for large floral tributes. But to think that it is all about avoiding costs would be wrong, some people choose this route because they want to avoid all the fuss, hype and pressure of a traditional funeral.

Typically a direct cremation includes the collection and care of the deceased from a hospital/hospice/nursing home or private dwelling to one of our funeral homes. And the completion of all the paperwork, coroners fees, coffin and cremation fees.

For Direct Cremation we cover Sligo, Mayo, Roscommon, Leitrim and Donegal and indeed like any of our funeral services we can cover all counties of Ireland.

The main difference between Direct Cremation and our more traditional funeral service is that there is no mass or service, either in church or funeral home. There will be no family or mourners at the funeral home or crematorium. There will be no preparation, embalming or viewing of the deceased.

Yes it is a very suitable option if someone dies away from home. And also a very suitable option for someone that dies here in Ireland and wants their ashes buried or scattered in their native country. The ashes can be taken back by family to the homeland, where a service can be held at a later date.

With a direct cremation it divides the funeral. Cremation now and the ceremony later, and that ceremony can be arranged here in Ireland at a suitable time for all the family or it can be arranged in the homeland of the deceased with the family present. As we know, with a traditional cremation, all will happen within days of each other. Whichever route is chosen, rest assured we will give the same level of care to the deceased as we would like given to one of our own family.

You are right in thinking this. In most cases Direct Cremation is chosen by the deceased, before their death, and with this in mind the family or next of kin feel it’s the right thing to do. But it may not feel right with the remaining  family. With Direct Cremation we discuss the process, we would like to feel that the grieving family know what to expect, that they would fully understand the process and what’s involved. By discussing it with all concerned, we may come to a happy medium.

The concept of a Direct Cremation is to avoid the expense and fuss of a traditional funeral service or cremation.  But arrangements can be made, and this comes from discussing the arrangements in detail with the grieving family, to spend  some quality time with the deceased in one of our funeral homes. Others may want to say some prayers, play some favourite pieces of music, favourite songs and the possibility of traveling behind the hearse to the crematorium. Every detail can be discussed. We like to pride our business on working with our families and organising a meaningful funeral for your loved ones. Attendance in the crematorium chapel with be determined by the crematorium management and often, some time spent there will give a family some acceptance of the death.

Yes a coffin is always used in all cremations, Direct or a traditional cremation service, and it is always cremated too. We must use a coffin for handling and hygienic purposes. In a Direct Cremation package the coffin used is a standard size(6’3’’ x 2’) and unfortunately there is an additional charge if a larger coffin must be used.

A ‘simple cremation’ is slightly different to both a traditional funeral and a Direct Cremation. It’s like a happy medium. At a simple cremation service we can arrange to have a prayer service in one of our funeral homes. Family can get to spend some quality and invaluable time in the presence of their loved one. Maybe family would like to escort or travel with the remains to the crematorium. These alternatives or choices were mentioned above. All can be discussed and we will be happy to accommodate families in whatever way we can.

Yes you can, when we return the ashes to you, the family, the service can be organised. That can take the form of a traditional mass, Church Of Ireland service, civil or humanist service. When having the ceremony or service in the days, weeks or months after the cremation it allows time to organise a true celebration of the persons’ life. It allows for all family members to come together, to reflect, to remember the life of your departed loved one. It allows time to pick the right music or song, the poetry they loved, the prayers that helped them and in turn make it a truly personal, meaningful and memorable occasion.

Yes, most definitely, that can be done. We here in Brennan Funeral Directors would love to assist you in whatever way possible. As with any funeral arrangements by talking with us and making known your wishes, you will be assured that you will get the funeral service that you desire. It takes the responsibility from your family and if paid for, it takes the financial burden from a grieving family.