Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when someone dies at home?  If it was an expected death, then the doctor would have been visiting, if so, the first call should be to the doctor and inform him/her that the death has occurred. The doctor will have to call to the house and certify the death. Next call can be to us here at Brennan Funeral Directors to start the process of making funeral arrangements.

If the death was sudden, what should I do? Again the first call should be to the GP. The GP will advise to call the Gardai and the Gardai may want the death made known to the local coroner. There may have to be a post mortem. That will be done in the hospital.

If death occurred in hospital or nursing home, who should I call? Call us here in Brennans Funeral directors and we will arrange to meet you and take you through the funeral process and help you every step of the way.

Can the funeral be delayed for a few days? Yes it can, with embalming there is no problem in waiting for relatives to travel home for the funeral.

What is embalming? It is the introduction of fluids into the system of the deceased to allow the funeral to be held over for some time and improve the presentation of the body. It will ensure that the family and friends can spend some valuable time with their loved ones. If you have any other questions on embalming please do ask us.

Can you organise a civil or humanist funeral for us? Yes we can do that. We can have a civil or humanist service in one of our funeral homes or in your home. There is also the option of hiring a hotel suite for the service. The service can be followed by a burial in the cemetery of your choice or cremation with burial of ashes at a later date.

Can you contact a minister/priest and make arrangements for us? Of course we will. And we will contact cemetery caretakers, gravediggers, musicians, singers, radio stations, and florist. Yes we will make all the arrangements.

What about the payment of the funeral? We will have your bill ready for you in the days after the funeral and you can collect it or it can be posted out to you. Payments can be made by cheque, cash or electronic transfer.

Can I arrange a prepaid funeral and pay for a funeral in advance? Yes you can. Feel free to make contact with us here in Brennan Funeral Directors and we can sit down and talk through your requests or if you like to contact us we can email or post out some forms for you to ponder over before we meet face to face.  By having a prepaid funeral plan in place it lifts the burden from your family and gives you peace of mind that you will have the funeral you want.