Live Stream of the Funeral Mass

We will embed the stream here or provide a link to the funeral mass.

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Live streaming of funerals, has never been so relevant with the corona virus affecting every facet of life at present. With social distancing, reduced numbers at gatherings and people unable to travel due to restrictions and health risks, live streaming is something that will become more of a necessity in the future.

Working with Videographers

There are a number of companies in the market now that specialise in the livestreaming of funeral services, and we are working closely with them. These operators have multiple cameras and can cover different angles and positions in the church. They can have a camera to record both inside during the service and outside before or after the service as the funeral arrives or leaves the church and church grounds. They can also cover the burial. Camera facilities are available in most crematoria at present

The video feed can be livestreamed  to our website or our social media platform, which means instant access for friends and family that cannot be present at the service or burial. Messages and comments can be relayed on these mediums to the family as the service is on air.

The operators are mobile, fast and reliable and can set up in a matter of an hour or so. Over the past few months we have done tests in all of the local churches for internet signal, and thankfully all the following churches of St George’s, St John Evangelist, Tubbercurry, Cloonacool, Lough Talt, Tourlestrane, Kilmactigue, Ballinacarrow and Mullinbreena are conducive to the use of cameras and livestreaming.

A copy of the recording can be given to the family after the funeral, this can be a nice keepsake, maybe not for immediate viewing but in time it will be appreciated.